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Yeelen Group — involved With Private Clients Around The World

Yeelen Group Private Sales is a seamless service for buying and selling art outside of the auction calendar. From fine and decorative arts to jewelry and watches, our specialists will use our global network to help shape your collection, connect you with the right people and broker a sale discreetly — at a pace that suits you.

An extensive network of global specialists with deep market knowledge across a variety of categories
Access to worldwide marketing offerings to promote your property in the most relevant markets
A global network of seller and  potential buyers

Private & Discreet

Our transactions span the globe and we conduct all of them the same way, private and discreet. Our international contacts, developed through trusted, private, and discreet transactions and placements, are the basis for our reputation.


How Yeelen Private Services Works

Privacy & Confidentiality

Discretion is at the core of our philosphy. We pride ourselves in keeping all matters of every transaction and dealing in the strictest confidence. Identities of sellers and their specific items will not be requested until we bring you a matching request from a buyer.

Our Approach

Our international experts take on the sale of your specialized items in a confidential and professional manner, from advising clients on their first acquisition to aiding seasoned collectors with expanding the scope of their holdings.


Our team of advisors act as agents in direct and discreet contact with potential buyers and sellers to achieve optimal results for your acquisition and/or de-accession.

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